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Drawing stencils on the skin made easy! The Horipenis Stencil Marker is easy to use and won't smudge when the area is wiped during the tattoo process.

Its two tips make it a versatile tool, allowing you to put even more small detail in your design thanks to the other smaller tip! And it sticks well too, about 80% of the ink will stay on even if the area is wiped with green soap.

How to use:
1. Make sure the skin is properly cleaned and dried before using the marker.
2. You can use other markers with lighter colors for the initial sketch and make the final lines with the Horipenis marker. Make sure that the previous marker has dried before using the Horipenis marker on top!
3. Allow the marker ink to dry for 10 minutes before starting work.

Buy 7 and you'll get a whole set! Including a foam grip for more comfortable holding of the pen and a Horipenis sticker! The color of the grip in the set may vary.

For more info and tattoos that used Horipenis markers in the process see their instagram @horipen.is!

Please note! We recommend doing an allergy test before using this product, just as with tattoo ink. You can find instructions for a basic allergy test in our information database.

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