The Black & Grey style is defined by the presence of diluted or softened black ink to create a characteristic contrast. The shades of grey that allow contrasts and different levels of depth in the tattoo are what give its name to this technique, which is so popular.

There are many tattoo artists who have successfully explored this technique and there are thousands of fans who request it. There is also an extensive bibliography of samples of recognised Black & Grey tattoo artists.

The category Books, Magazines and DVDs from In Tattoo Veritas brings together hundreds of printed copies that show the different techniques and styles of tattooing, as well as the works of various authors.

Among the books selected to show the art in black and grey, the book Inward The Art of Thomas Hooper stands out for its colourfulness, a book of tattoos that shows more than a hundred photographs that include symbols and images, as well as geometric and mathematical patterns.

Bird fans will find inspiration for their art in That Bird Book, a paperback book with some 400 pages full of sketches and images.

And those who love flowers, especially chrysanthemums, will find in Chrysanthemum Outlines Book about a hundred images of this flower in different forms and movements, all collected from the work of the renowned artist Maur.

It is difficult to describe in words the strength and graphic interest of the images printed in the various books, magazines and DVDs available in this category. Renew your ideas and discover different perspectives and styles that will enrich your art.

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