Solid Ink artistic pigments have proven their quality over the years and proof of this is the number of artists who use these pigments and obtain high quality results. Solid Ink's inks and partnerships with the world's leading companies have established Solid Ink as one of the most solid companies that are constantly innovating their pigments, and only experienced artists know the importance of getting quality inks in a variety of shades.

Nature is the main inspiration for the range of Solid Ink Greens, from the natural tones dozens of colours have been developed whose main base is this colour, both in the basic line and the one produced by Horitomo or by Chris Garver you will find the most intense greens to the softest.

At In Tattoo Veritas we have brought you a great diversity of green shades, both to purchase individually or in sets that include the perfect amount of ink to develop quality and durable work.

Some of the greens you can find within the sets or purchase individually include Dragon, Green Apple, Mint and Teal.

From the boldest shades to the softest pastels, at In Tattoo Veritas we have greens available to highlight those elements inspired by nature or those more fanciful and give your work a quality finish.

Some of the most demanded greens in our shop are Solid Ink Wakanae Horitomo Set, Solid Ink Toxic Green Victor Chil Set, Solid Ink Moegi Horitomo Set, Solid Ink Mold Opaque, Solid Ink Matcha Chris Garver Set.

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