Artdriver Z-3 Clear Green Poison

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The Z3 is the new press of Art Drive that after 4 years in the market of the presses and without losing its main essence renews the previous models with this new machine to which it has added new elements:

- Cover to cover the pulley and have greater hygiene and resistance.

-Twist-bar and eccentric improved.

-Chasis reinforced and customized.

The Z3 is launched on the market with a special series limited in 6 colors with two finishes (transparent and matt) and a second eccentric double course included to give greater versatility to your machine.

Technical characteristics:

-Motor MAXON of 9-14V, with sensors and without brushes.

-Twist-Bar more flexible and elongated that provides greater comfort and control of the stroke.

-Rigid acetal bar to get more intensity in the blow.

-New eccentric ZERO-G with a travel of 3.6mm.

-Chasis PPS, reinforced mineral material and fiberglass highly resistant to shock and high temperatures. This material provides lightness and hardness at the same time. The rest of components such as screws and other parts are made of steel for greater hygiene and resistance.

-You can replace the eccentric ZERO-G pr eccentric direct drive and can change the path from 3 to 3.8mm just by tightening a screw of the path you do not want and loosening the path you are looking for.

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