Japanese tattooing has marked a milestone in the industry not only for its antiquity and designs but also for its renowned artists whose ancestral techniques continue to trend among the designs preferred by users.

In Japan, ink sticks are used whose name in the Japanese language is Sumi, in which the tattooist grinds a piece of the stick on a stone to obtain the pigmented product.

At In Tattoo Veritas we strive every day to provide tattoo artists with the most avant-garde products on the market, which is why we have included some Sumi and Stone articles in the Artistic Use Inks category. An Asian tradition that is increasingly used in the West nowadays, giving a new vitality to the use of these implements in the development of artistic works that will later serve as inspiration for tattooing. In the Suzuri or Sumi Stone you will find the traditional implement used by the Japanese to create their own inks.

At In Tattoo Veritas we respect tradition and art in all its forms and that is why we continue to innovate in products of all kinds that enrich the artist's work.

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