From In Tattoo Veritas we have gathered in this section of markers brands as recognized as Sharpie, Tombow, Horipenis, Waverly, Tim Hendricks Pen and of course Copic, all of them offer an unbeatable quality in their products, the tip, durability and tracing are as varied as their colours.

The Sharpie brand offers a wide variety of colours for any surface. If you are looking for precision and fine lines we bring you the Tombow markers with brush tip and fine tip, both integrated in one piece.

Horipens is also a perfect option to keep your design intact on the skin, it is a brand that was created exclusively for tattoo artists and that will help you to define your design to the maximum and keep it intact throughout the session thanks to its great fixation.

Tim Hendricks Original mines are of maximum quality and are designed for tattoo artists who are looking for the highest level in their work. Another perfect option are the Waverly pens and of course we couldn't miss the Copic brand, one of the most used for sketching and art in general.

Explore our category of markers, and get everything you need for your studio with the best brands and top quality material.

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