Artistic Inks are the ideal way to test the imagination and skill of the artist, some well known brands such as Panthera Ink are always at the forefront of developing new pigments and shades for artists.

Panthera Ink has been making quality products for artists for over 20 years. This brand is known for offering the best and most varied ranges of whites, blacks and greys, everything an artist needs to outline, stipple or fill in.

Highlights: Panthera Liner Ink, Panthera Tribal Black XXX or Panthera Polar White, among others. Great artists such as Ralf Nonnweiler and Matteo Pasqualin have collaborated with Panthera Ink to develop their inks for artistic use, another example of the quality and aesthetic sense of this ink factory. Find all Panthera Ink inks at In Tattoo Veritas.

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